The Log Inn, one of the oldest original inn and stage coach stops in the United States, was built in 1825.

Log Inn 1869, courtesty of Rick Brown
Log Inn 1869, courtesty of Rick Brown

Stagecoach Line

In the 1840's the Log Inn was one of the main stage coach stops between Evansville and Vincennes.

The first established road north of Evansville was built to the John Withrow farm near Warrenton, in 1811. In 1822 a state road was commissioned to be built between Evansville and Terre Haute. The first stage coach started running between Evansville and Vincennes in 1824.

Southbound Schedule Northbound Schedule
Vincennes Out 8:00 AM Wed. Evansville Out 8:00 AM Sat.
Princeton In 5:00 PM Wed. Princeton In 5:00 PM Sat.
Princeton Out 5:00 AM Thurs. Princeton Out 8:00 AM Sun.
Evansville In 5:00 PM Thurs. Vincennes In 5:00 PM Sun.
*Schedule based on good weather.

Abraham Lincoln Stopped Here

Abraham Lincoln stopped here in November 1844 en route back home from Evansville. He was on a campaign tour speaking for "Clay for President" on the Clay Whig party ticket.

Lincoln's trip included stops in Vincennes, Washington, Gentryville, and visited his mother's grave which is now a national shrine. This was the only time he ever visited his mother's grave after moving to Illinois. After visiting his mother's grave, Lincoln went on to Rockport, and Evansville, where on October 31st, he attended a meeting in the courthouse before taking the stagecoach back home.